Leased lines charge controls and dark fibre pricing

  • Start: 12 June 2015
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 07 August 2015

This document is a consultation containing our proposals for regulating BT’s charges for its wholesale leased line services. Our proposals form part of Ofcom’s Business Connectivity Market Review.

On 15 May 2015 we published a consultation on the Business Connectivity Market Review which sets out our provisional analysis of competition in the provision of leased lines services. In that document, we propose to find that BT has significant market power in some business connectivity markets. We also propose regulation to address the competition problems identified, including remedies to address the risk of excessive pricing.

We are now consulting here on the details of these pricing remedies. Our proposals include charge controls for leased lines services and guidance for the pricing of dark fibre. The proposed regulation is designed to promote competition and further the interests of consumers.

Leased lines are high-quality, dedicated, point-to-point data transmission services used by businesses and providers of communications services. As well as being essential components of many businesses’ communications systems, they are also essential to support the provision of mobile telephone and fixed residential broadband services.

We will take responses to this consultation into account before reaching our final conclusions and publishing our statement in early 2016.

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