Review of the fixed narrowband services markets

  • Start: 05 February 2013
  • Status: Statement published
  • End: 02 April 2013

Ofcom has today published a final statement setting out its decisions in relation to the Fixed Narrowband Market Review, which covers the retail and wholesale markets for voice calls in the UK.

Ofcom’s decision is that the fixed retail call markets in the UK (excluding the Hull area) remain effectively competitive, as no company holds a position of ‘significant market power’ (SMP). However, Ofcom has concluded that BT has SMP in the market for wholesale call origination in the UK (excluding the Hull area) and in fixed call termination. We have therefore imposed remedies, including charge controls, on BT in these markets and in relation to interconnect circuits.

Ofcom has also found that KCOM has SMP in the market for wholesale call origination in the Hull Area, and we have imposed a series of remedies in this market and in relation to interconnect circuits.

In relation to providers of fixed call termination other than BT (including KCOM), Ofcom has concluded that each provider has SMP, and has imposed a requirement to provide network access on reasonable request and a requirement to notify charges. We have also set out guidance that the termination rates set by these other providers will be presumed to be fair and reasonable where the rate (24 hour average) is no higher than the rate set by BT compliant with its charge control in fixed call termination.

This final statement follows the draft statement that was notified to the European Commission on 20 August 2013. In the final statement, we have made a small adjustment to the charge control in relation to wholesale call origination rates. We have made this adjustment to reflect comments we have received in relation to the costs of providing emergency and non-emergency operator assistance services to communications providers using BT’s wholesale call origination services. We discuss this adjustment in Annex 6 of the statement.

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