Wider regulatory obligations

Cyhoeddwyd: 30 Ionawr 2023

Satellite and space science users of spectrum should be aware of their potential obligations under the following regulatory regimes:

Telecoms Security Act

Since October 2022, Ofcom has new duties and powers under the Communications Act 2003, as amended by the Telecommunications (Security) Act 2021, in relation to the security of public electronic communications networks and services. In particular, Ofcom must seek to ensure that telecoms providers comply with new rules to boost the security and resilience of such networks and services against security compromises, including those caused by cyber-attacks.

Public telecoms providers must take appropriate and proportionate measures to identify and reduce the risks of security compromises occurring, as well as preparing for the occurrence of security compromises. They must also take action after a security compromise has occurred, to prevent damage arising from the compromise and take steps to remedy or mitigate any damage. Telecoms providers can be fined if they don’t comply with the new rules.

For guidance regarding how Ofcom will exercise its new functions, Ofcom has published its Statement of General policy on ensuring compliance with security duties and recast what was general guidance as guidance on resilience requirements imposed by or under sections 105A to D of the 2003 Act (PDF, 259.4 KB).

Enquiries should be directed to: networksecurityenquiries@ofcom.org.uk

General Conditions

The General Conditions of Entitlement are the regulatory conditions that all providers of electronic communications networks and services must comply with if they want to provide services in the UK.

Administrative Fees

Administrative charges are payable by providers of electronic communications networks, electronic communication services and persons making available associated facilities of a description designated by Ofcom for the purposes of section 38 of the Communications Act 2003.

Ofcom has published a General Demand for Information under Section 135 of the Communications Act 2003 for the purposes of calculating administrative charges.

Enquiries should be directed to: MID@ofcom.org.uk

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