General demand for information

14 August 2023

General demand for information required by Ofcom under Section 135 of the Communications Act 2003 and published in accordance with section 137(6) of that Act for the purposes of calculating the administrative charge for each Charging Year.

This is a general demand for information under section 135 of the Communications Act 2003 (the "Act"), which demand is addressed to each and every person who is liable to pay administrative charges under section 38 of the Act.

This general demand is hereby published on Ofcom’s website for the purpose of bringing it to the attention of such persons from whom the information is required in the manner and form specified for the purpose of ascertaining or verifying the charges payable by a person under section 38 of the Act, which information must be provided annually as set out.

Designation and relevant activity guidelines for the purposes of administrative charging - final statement

User guide for data providers: Telecoms annual revenue return (PDF, 916.0 KB)

Telecoms returns: FAQs   (PDF, 228.6 KB)

Update 28 July 2023

The General Demand has been updated to allow us to use the responses to it for the additional purpose of tiering under the Telecommunications Security Code of Practice, for the purpose of Ofcom’s compliance monitoring under the revised framework for protecting the security and resilience of public electronic communications service and networks in the UK, introduced by the Telecommunications (Security) Act 2021.

Updated General Demand for the purpose of calculating annual administrative charges (PDF, 268.5 KB)