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Open data

27 Tachwedd 2015


Wherever possible, Ofcom makes available to the public the data it collects and creates, following open data principles. This portal will bring together these all these datasets in one place, to make them easy to find.

What is open data?

Open data is data that anyone can access, use or share.

Ofcom’s open data is a mix of data from or about the companies we regulate in the communications sector, and the citizens and consumers who use them. We also use and release other data which is not open.

How you can use this data

All of the data available on our website and on other portals is subject to a licence.

Where we can make the data available on an open basis we have used the Open Government Licence, which gives users various freedoms about how they choose to use the data, subject to some conditions. The licence is available here.

In some cases we have made data available but have with limitations on how it can be used; for example, where some or all of that data is owned by a third party. In these cases we set out in the licence on exactly what basis you can use the data.

How to find Ofcom’s open data

This portal includes links to all of our datasets which are available with an Open Data licence. See “In this section” links below.

These data sets are also available on the main pages for their parent document, e.g. the Connected Nations 2015 report and the Consumer Experience Report 2016.

You can also find them on the portal, alongside data sets from all central government departments and many other public sector bodies and local authorities.


We are still developing and building our approach to releasing open data. If you have any comments about this portal or our approach in general, please contact us at

If you have comments or queries about a specific dataset available on this page please email, clearly setting out the exact dataset you are referring to and being as clear as possible about your question. Please include direct links where relevant. 

Ofcom's open data