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Safety technologies

Understanding online technologies is an important aspect of Ofcom’s online safety work.

We carry out a range of projects to explore certain technologies that are important or relevant to online safety, as well as how the public experience them day to day. This includes projects looking at the potential risks or implications on the public’s safety online based on the use of technologies, the technical accuracy of certain technologies, as well as how technology is changing or being utilised by the online services the public use.

Here's our latest work on this topic.

Evaluating recommender systems in relation to illegal and harmful content
Published 6 July 2023

Automated Content Classification (ACC) Systems
Published 25 January 2023

Overview of Perceptual Hashing Technology
Published 22 November 2022

The Buffalo attack: Implications for online safety
Published 12 October 2022

Use of AI in online content moderation
Published 18 July 2019