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Information for amateur radio licensees

You can  apply for and issue a Special Event NoV via our Online Licensing System.

Applying for Special Event Station Notice of Variations Online

To apply the  following NoVs you will need to complete and application form and send it  Spectrum Licensing via post or emails.

  • Special,  Special Event Station NoV
  • Permanent  Special Event Station NoV

OfW287 Application for a Notice of  Variation (NoV) for a Special Event Call sign PDF, 35.9 KB

  • Special research permit

OfW306 Application for an Amateur  Radio special research permit  PDF, 28.9  KB

Arrangements for special event stations to mark the centenary of the cub scouts  and events in the Great War

Variation for a special contest callsign

The RSGB processes applications for Special contest callsigns for Ofcom, although it remains Ofcom's decision on whether or not to grant a variation.

Who may apply for a Notice of Variation? (PDF, 187.2 KB)

Special Event Stations and COVID-19

An Amateur Radio Special Event Station (‘SES’) is designed as a showcase for the hobby. As a consequence, it is a qualifying requirement that an SES be open to members of the public, to maximise the hobby’s exposure.

However, in light of the guidance from HM Government on the COVID-19 pandemic, it would be both unreasonable and undesirable to continue to impose this restriction.

Until further notice, therefore, Ofcom is relaxing the requirement that Special Event Stations be open to members of the public. Applicants may therefore disregard that requirement in the application form and on the online portal. We shall amend the application form and the online portal to remove it. If your NoV shows the original intended location of the SES, there is no need to get the NoV changed to show the actual location.

SES NoVs are available for immediate download and free of charge from our online portal. If you submit a paper application, it will take significantly longer than normal to process it, in light of the current disruption. You may not therefore get your NoV in time for your event. If you do not currently use our licensing portal, registering is a simple process https://ofcom.force.com/licensingcomlogin.

The requirement that a station be open to the public is also relaxed for Special Special Event Stations. Again, there is no need to get the location in NoV changed. However, the other qualifying requirements for a Special Special Event Station remain:

  • An SSES must be applied for in writing; it is not available from the online portal
  • It must be associated with a non-amateur radio event or commemoration
  • That non-amateur radio event must be of national significance
  • The organisers of that non-amateur radio event must agree to the amateur radio SSES being associated with their event

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