19 March 2024

Ofcom launches investigation into Vonage over 999 access

Ofcom has today launched an investigation into cloud communications provider, Vonage. This follows an incident resulting in disruption for its business customers to emergency call services during October and November 2023.

Our rules require providers to take all necessary measures to ensure uninterrupted access to emergency organisations as part of any call services offered. Providers must also take appropriate and proportionate measures to identify and reduce the risks of the availability, performance or functionality of their network or service being compromised.

Additionally, providers are also required to take appropriate and proportionate measures to prevent adverse effects from any such compromise. In the event there are negative effects, they should take steps to remedy or mitigate those effects.

Providers are also required to inform Ofcom, as soon as reasonably practicable, of any security compromise that has a significant effect on the operation of a network or service.

Our investigation will seek to establish the facts surrounding the incident and examine whether there are reasonable grounds to believe that Vonage has failed to comply with its regulatory obligations.

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