What we have learnt about VSPs' user policies

09 August 2023

During our first year of regulating VSPs, we found that all VSPs had safety measures to protect users, but there was room for improvement.

In our first 'what we found' VSP report, we said that this year we would take a broader look at the way platforms set, enforce, and test their approach to user safety. We set out four strategic priorities, including our aim to ensure VSP providers have sufficient processes in place for setting and revising comprehensive user policies that cover all relevant harms.

This report shines a light on platforms’ approaches to designing and implementing their terms and conditions to protect users and highlights what we consider to be examples of good practice. It is the first of a series of VSP reports we will publish in 2023.

Our first 2023 report: What we’ve learnt about VSPs’ user policies (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Adroddiad cyntaf 2023: Yr hyn rydym wedi'i ddysgu am bolisïau defnyddwyr llwyfannau rhannu fideos (VSP): Trosolwg Cymraeg (PDF, 168.3 KB)