Using your mobile abroad

Since 31 December 2020, the EU rules on roaming charges no longer apply in the UK. This means that, like other destinations, the amount your mobile provider can charge you for using your mobile phone in EU countries, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein is no longer capped.

Each of the UK mobile providers has different approaches to roaming charges and fair use policies. It is important to check with your provider to see what their approach is before you use your mobile abroad. Some consumer protection measures (such as welcome messages and data roaming limits) remain in place and apply regardless of the country in which you use your mobile phone.

However, from 30 June 2022, the roaming rules set out in UK legislation will fall away. Ofcom is now looking into the options for roaming protections for customers. We do not have the power to stop mobile providers charging customers for using their services when travelling, so this work will not be looking at the level of roaming prices.

For general advice on roaming, and to help you understand the protections that remain in place at the moment, we have answered some frequently-asked questions. We will update this information again at the start of July 2022.