Report: Choosing the best home broadband, mobile and landline provider

18 May 2023

This is Ofcom’s seventh annual report on how customer service levels for residential customers compare across the telecoms industry.

This report covers customers’ experiences in 2022. Overall customer satisfaction levels were high, particularly for mobile services, although this has decreased since 2021. Some aspects of quality of service have improved; for example, complaints made to Ofcom have reduced when compared with the previous year. However, the percentage of customers who had a reason to complain increased for both landline and mobile services.

Satisfaction with complaints handling remained the same as in 2021 and there is still room for further improvement. In addition, average call waiting times and call abandonment rates have increased since 2021. At a time when many customers have experienced significant price rises, it is vital that providers do more to improve customer service and put treating customers fairly at the heart of their business.

We are confirming the change to the frequency of Ofcom’s Comparing Customer Service Trackers, which will now be conducted biennially and will next be run in Q4 2024, for publication in 2025.

The three Comparing Customer Service (CCS) trackers – the Customer Satisfaction Tracker, the Reason to Complain Tracker and the Complaints Handling Tracker – provide Ofcom with data about customer satisfaction levels and satisfaction with complaints handling processes across the residential landline, mobile, fixed broadband and pay-TV services, and how these compare by provider and over time.

For more information about this change, please read our CCS confirmation of changes document (PDF, 90.5 KB).

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