Report: Comparing Service Quality

12 April 2017

This is the first annual service quality report to be published by Ofcom. It shows the quality of service experienced by customers of the UK’s largest landline, broadband and mobile providers in 2016. The information has been collected through our own research, and directly from providers.

The report follows on from the initial conclusions of Ofcom’s Digital Communications Review, published in February 2016, which found that improvements were needed in quality of service across the telecoms industry. We therefore committed to publish an annual report that would enable consumers to compare providers’ service quality.

We will publish service quality information at least annually, to update consumers on how providers are performing, and we will consider more frequent updates where appropriate.


Full report

Interactive report

This interactive tool helps you compare provider performance in detail. You can use it to check how your provider is doing in the areas most important to you. We have a desktop tool and a mobile version (note: this link takes you to an external site).