Report: Choosing the best broadband, mobile and landline provider

07 May 2021

This is Ofcom’s fifth annual report on how service levels compare across the telecoms industry. We publish it to help people make informed decisions about which provider is best for them, as part of our work to ensure fairness for customers.

By shining a light on the performance of the UK’s main mobile, broadband and home phone providers, this report allows people to look beyond the price and see what level of service they can expect from different providers. It also acts as an incentive for providers to improve their customer service.

This report covers customers’ experiences in 2020 and therefore includes the period covered by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. It has been a challenging year, and some customers experienced lower levels of service quality at times. This can be explained by the unique situation, but in cases where service levels worsened, we expect them to return to at least 2019 levels, or better, now that processes are established for operating in the pandemic, and as restrictions ease.

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