Codes of practice

Ofcom is committed to a thriving telecoms sector in which companies can compete fairly, and businesses and customers benefit from the choice of a broad range of services. This section covers the codes of practice.

We have revised the broadband speeds codes of practice. The new codes apply to broadband purchases from 1 March 2019. For more information, see below.

Ofcom introduced the Codes to ensure providers of fixed access broadband give residential and business customers accurate information on the speeds they can expect to receive from their broadband services. In March 2018, we made changes to the Codes to improve the information provided to customers when they buy broadband services and strengthen customers’ right to exit when speeds are not met, which were implemented from 1 March 2019. The current Codes mean that broadband shoppers:

  • are given a minimum guaranteed download speed before signing up to a new deal;
  • are told what to expect during peak times when more people are online and networks are more congested; and
  • have the right to exit their contract without penalty if speeds drop below the guaranteed level and this isn’t fixed within 30 days.

This report sets out our findings on how the Residential and Business Voluntary Codes of Practice on Better Broadband Speeds Information (‘the Codes’) are working.

We have also published a consultation on updating the codes so that the right to exit that applies to broadband and other bundled services is in line with Ofcom’s revised General Conditions of Entitlement

Voluntary Codes of Practice on Better Broadband Speeds – Report on the 2018 Residential and Business Codes (PDF, 404.1 KB)