Communications industry facts and statistics

Facts and statistics on the communications sector, taken from Ofcom's research publications.

This information is correct as of 16 December 2021.

Internet use

Adults in the UK spent an average of


minutes (or 3 hours and 37 minutes) online each day in 2020

We also spent nearly


on, and in, mobile apps last year

UK online shopping sales rose by


to nearly £113 billion in 2020

In September 2020, young adults spent an average of


minutes on YouTube each day


of UK adults visited an adult website or app in September 2020


of people say they have been exposed to at least one potential harm online

For more information on these statistics, please see our Online Nation 2021 report.

TV, radio and other media

Adults in the UK spent a daily average of


minutes (or 5 hours and 40 minutes) watching TV and online video in 2020

By April 2021, streaming service providers were offering UK viewers a total of


hours of content


of the 30 most-watched titles on subscription services in the first quarter of 2021 were on Netflix


of UK adults listen to live radio via a DAB set

In the first quarter of 2021,


of adults claimed to have a smart speaker in their home


of adults listen to a podcast on a weekly basis

For more information on these statistics, please see our Media Nations 2021 report.

Broadband and mobile services


of UK homes can now get full-fibre broadband – that's more than eight million homes

On average, our data-hungry households consumed


of data per month in 2021

There are now more than


million 5G-enabled mobile handsets, up from just 800,000 last year

For more information on these statistics, please see our Connected Nations 2021 report.

Postal services


UK parcels were delivered in 2021


of customers have experienced problems with deliveries in the last three months

Disabled customers are almost


more likely to experience significant problems with parcel deliveries

For more information on these statistics, please see our Annual Monitoring Report on the postal market.

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