Connected Nations 2023

12 February 2024

Connected Nations is our annual report on progress in the availability of broadband and mobile services in the UK, including the roll-out of fixed full-fibre and mobile 5G networks.

Alongside the UK report (PDF, 3.0 MB), we have published separate reports on each of the UK's nations. Our interactive report allows people to easily access data for different areas of the UK and specific services. We have also published the International Broadband Scorecard 2023, which compares the UK’s recent position on broadband availability with a number of nations.

As flagged in footnote 32 of the December 2023 UK report (on page 23), while conducting final accuracy checks BT informed us that the implementation of a new data model might have impacted on their reporting of total USO orders and premises passed by resulting build. BT has now provided us with updated data. This updated data affects the numbers we reported for England and Scotland in Table 2.13 of the UK Report, which should read as follows (numbers in bold have been updated and figures in brackets highlight the amount of the increase):

Number of USO OrdersTotal premises passed by resulting build
England1,532 (+3)7272 (+14
Northern Ireland87723
Scotland112 (+1)528 (+30)

In addition, the reference to ‘111’ USO orders in Scotland on page 17 of the Scotland Report has been corrected to refer to 112 orders instead.

We also identified an error in the caption heading of the map set out in Figure 2.6 of the UK Report (page 24) and Figure 2.2 of the England Report (page 10). The heading referred to the number of ‘USO premises passed’ rather than ‘USO orders’. We have now updated this heading to refer to ‘number of USO orders’ instead. The map itself is not affected by the updates to the BT data.

Main report

Connected Nations 2023: UK report (PDF, 3.0 MB)

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