Telecoms and pay-TV complaints data

These quarterly publications present data relating to complaints recorded by Ofcom against the largest telecoms and pay TV providers. They are intended to help consumers make better informed decisions. We believe that the publication of such information is useful for consumers, especially those who are thinking about changing provider or purchasing a new service.

Complaint volume data is one of a number of measures that can provide an indication of service quality. In April 2019, we published our third annual Comparing Service Quality report to provide an annual update on a range of other service quality metrics such as customer satisfaction.

We also believe that publication of provider-specific complaint volumes incentivises providers to improve their performance.

Telecoms and pay TV complaints Q4 (October to December) 2019

The following presents data on the number of complaints made by consumers to Ofcom about the largest telecoms and pay-TV providers in the quarter October to December 2019. Due to Covid-19 disruption, we have published the complaints results in relation to the quarter October to December 2019 without an accompanying report.

The services covered are: broadband and landline, pay-monthly mobile, pay-as-you-go mobile and pay TV.

We postponed the publication of the quarter’s pay-monthly and pay-as-you-go mobile complaints results when we first published data for Q4 2019 on 19 May and we have now made these results available in the CSV file. We have also corrected an error in Vodafone’s monthly landline figures.

Telecoms and pay TV complaints Q4 2019 (CSV, 25.7 KB)

Detailed methodology for Q4 2019 (PDF, 177.0 KB)

Older reports

Older reports are available on the National Archives website.