A model for understanding user journeys in online gaming environments

04 April 2023

Ofcom commissioned PUBLIC to develop a representative model of interactive services, focusing specifically on select online gaming environments identified for this project.

The Interactive Services Model (ISM) sets out user journeys, workflows used by platforms, and the trust and safety measures relied upon by different services. Desk research and interviews were used to inform the representative model by building an understanding of the typical user journey through an interactive service experience. For further information on the methodology and definitions used for the purposes of this project please refer to the overview document below.

The model was developed primarily to support Ofcom in carrying out internal work, but we expect that it might also be valuable to the broader sector. We have published a redacted version of the model, excluding any confidential or sensitive information collected during the interviews.

Document Date published
Overview of the Interactive Services Model (PDF, 238.4 KB) 4 April 2023
Interactive Services Model (PDF, 36.9 MB) 4 April 2023