The consumer mobile experience

05 October 2023

This report summarises data collected from a panel of consumers who have downloaded an app onto their Android smartphone, which measures the performance of their voice and data connections, collects information about how they use their device and asks the user about their perception of the quality of the connection. This is our second report from this research; it uses data collected between September and December 2017.

This research is part of a wider programme of work by Ofcom to research and provide information about mobile quality of service. The data in this report relate to performance when network coverage is available from an operator; however, the most important determinant of consumer experience is the availability of a mobile signal and the quality of this signal. Ofcom’s broadband and mobile checker app provides detailed information about mobile coverage from all four mobile network operators across the UK.

2018 report

The consumer mobile experience: Measuring consumer experience of using Android mobile services (PDF, 1.6 MB)

Profiad defnyddwyr o ffonau symudol: Mesur profiad y defnyddiwr o ddefnyddio gwasanaethau symudol Android (PDF, 1.8 MB)

The consumer mobile experience: Technical methodology (PDF, 250.5 KB)

The consumer mobile experience: Statistical methodology (PDF, 205.9 KB)

Interactive data

App usage data (CSV, 1.52 GB)

App usage data (SPSS, 1.83 GB)