Small-scale DAB reports and events

Published: 12 May 2022
Last updated: 16 March 2023

Other information related to how Ofcom manages small-scale DAB licensing, including a review of demand in the first three licensing rounds.

Small-scale DAB multiplexes: review of demand in the first three licensing rounds

Now that we have completed the first and second rounds of small-scale multiplex licensing, we have reviewed the level of demand and our process.

Demand for small-scale DAB multiplexes: the first three licensing rounds (PDF, 130.2 KB)
Y galw am amlblecsau DAB graddfa fach: y tair rownd drwyddedu gyntaf (PDF, 107.8 KB)

Published 12 May 2022

On 29 September 2020, Ofcom hosted two virtual stakeholder events on small-scale DAB licensing.

These events were open to parties who were interested in applying for small-scale multiplex licences, or C-DSP licences to broadcast programme services on those multiplexes, in the first round of 25 small-scale DAB licence advertisements (PDF, 5.2 MB). The sessions were intended to provide potential applicants with a high-level overview of the licensing processes for these new types of licences.

Each session consisted of an initial presentation which was followed by an opportunity for participants to put questions to members of Ofcom’s small-scale DAB team. We expect that nearly all of the content from these events will be directly relevant to future small-scale DAB licensing rounds, and we are therefore making them available on our website in the form of videos of the slide presentations, plus written summaries of the Q&A sessions.

Multiplex event

You can also download the slides (PDF, 958.0 KB) from the multiplex session.

Small-scale DAB stakeholder event: multiplex licences Q&A session (PDF, 180.1 KB)

C-DSP event

You can also download the slides (PDF, 833.4 KB) from the C-DSP session.

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