Statement: Ofcom’s Plan of Work 2024/25

Published: 15 December 2023
Status: Closed (statement published)

Statement published 26 March 2024

Ofcom has today published its Plan of Work for 2024/25, outlining its areas of focus for the next financial year.

The sectors we regulate – broadcasting, post, telecoms, spectrum and online services – are vital in people’s daily lives, whether at home, work or school. They are also constantly evolving, with technology advancing, markets transforming, and consumer behaviour changing. It means our mission to make communications work for everyone remains as important as ever.

The next twelve months will also be the first full financial year since the passage of the Online Safety Act - the biggest expansion in Ofcom’s powers in twenty years. It will see significant milestones as we implement our new duties.

The Plan of Work sets out our priorities for the year ahead and explains how we will deliver on them. They are:

  • Internet we can rely on – ensuring fast, reliable and affordable connections and services for everyone, everywhere;
  • Media we trust and value – supporting a wide range of media to deliver high-quality content, and protecting audiences while making sure freedom of expression is safeguarded;
  • We live a safer life online – implementing the new online safety regime so that platforms are safer for their users; and
  • Enabling wireless services in the wider economy – ensuring efficient use of spectrum and supporting growth across the economy.

Alongside this, today we have published an update on Ofcom’s strategic approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2024/25.

While AI has been used in sectors we regulate for years, its adoption and capabilities are growing rapidly.

We are supportive of the Government’s AI principles, and the update published today sets out our approach to AI over the coming year to ensure that the benefits of AI are harnessed and the risks are managed.

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