Investigation into Cloud M’s provision of number portability

13 February 2019


Investigation into Cloud M Limited (‘Cloud M’)
Case opened 2 January 2018
Case closed 13 February 2019

This investigation is examining Cloud M’s compliance with General Condition 18 (‘GC18’) in relation to the provision of number porting facilities. Specifically, the investigation is examining whether Cloud M provided number portability within the shortest possible time, and on reasonable terms, as well as whether Cloud M met its obligations relating to the provision of information about, and payment of, compensation due to the customer in the event of a delay in porting a number or following an abuse of the porting process.

In addition, we are also considering whether Cloud M responded fully and/or by the stipulated deadline to three formal information requests Ofcom sent to Cloud M as part of this investigation.

Relevant legal provision(s)

GC18 and section 135 of the Communications Act 2003


Enforcement team (

Case reference CW/01211/01/18