Enforcement programme: Industry's failure to implement One Touch Switch by deadline of 3 April 2023

3 April 2023


Programme into Industry's failure to implement One Touch Switch by deadline of 3 April 2023
Case opened 3 April 2023

Providers of fixed landline and broadband services were required to implement the new One Touch Switch (OTS) process by 3 April 2023. OTS is designed to make it easier and quicker for customers to switch their services.

Industry have failed to implement the new process on time, so we have opened an enforcement programme to make sure that relevant providers deliver OTS to a high standard, and in accordance with the agreed specifications, as quickly as possible.

Relevant legal provision(s)

General Conditions C7.18 – C7.27 (3 April 2023 version)

In August this year, The One Touch Switch Company (TOTSCo) announced that it is planning for the industry-wide launch of One Touch Switch (“OTS”) to take place on 14 March 2024. Ofcom firmly expects providers to meet this date.

Ofcom continues to closely monitor the progress that providers are making towards implementing OTS, including that they are taking all necessary steps to achieve this date. In September, we issued our second formal information request to a number of providers. The purpose of this request was to assess providers’ progress since our first information request in May. In particular, we sought to understand providers’ readiness in relation to testing the relevant systems and processes required for implementing OTS.

We remind stakeholders that Ofcom will not hesitate to open investigations should we identify specific issues with individual providers.


Enforcement team (enforcement@ofcom.org.uk)

Case reference CW/01268/03/23