Ofcom's General Conditions

25 January 2016

Below we provide an outline of the key aspects of the General Conditions and how they protect business customers.

We summarise first the requirements that benefit all business customers who have bought a phone broadband or mobile service (or are considering such a purchase). We then summarise the additional protections in place for business customers with 10 employees or fewer.

For more detail about the scope and application of the General Conditions, you should refer to the full text of the General Conditions and the Ofcom policy statements, which are issued when a General Condition is made or amended.

See our guidance on the general conditions, including a link to an explanation of their history and purpose.

On 19 September 2017, Ofcom published a statement about changes that we have decided to make to the general conditions of entitlement, in order to ensure the general conditions are up to date and reflect Ofcom’s current priorities. The revised general conditions will come into force on 1 October 2018, and the current conditions will be revoked on the same date.

Rights that apply to all businesses

Additional rights for businesses with ten employees or fewer

During a contract, your business may change in size, and this may affect the rules and regulations that apply to you. If your business falls below the 10 employee threshold, you may want to have a look at your contract and consider the guidance we set out.