Strategic Review of UHF Spectrum 420-470 MHz: UHF Bands 1 and 2

  • Start: 04 December 2014
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 26 February 2015

This Call for Inputs forms part of our strategic review of the 420-470 MHz band (also known as UHF bands 1 and 2).

In this document, we explain how the current uses and configuration of this band brings about challenges for its efficient management, with particular implications for managing congestion, future competing demand, and interference.

We are publishing alongside this Call for Inputs a report from Aegis examining these matters. We have also developed a broad programme of work designed to develop our understanding and support future decisions for managing the 420-470 MHz band.

This document invites comments from stakeholders on Aegis’s findings, as well as other input which stakeholders consider relevant to our analysis of the 420-470 MHz band, including our proposed work programme for the next phase of our strategic review.

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