Assessing the impact of the BBC’s public service activities

  • Start: 15 December 2016
  • Status: Open
  • End: 13 February 2017

A consultation on Ofcom’s procedures and guidance.

The role of the BBC is to produce high quality and distinctive programmes and services which educate, inform and entertain.

As a large publicly-funded organisation, the BBC may have an impact on competition in the wider media market. It may have a positive effect by stimulating demand or encouraging sector wide innovation, for example. But in fulfilling its objectives, the BBC may also harm the ability of others to compete effectively.

We may therefore carry out competition reviews to assess the potential impacts of the BBC’s ongoing public service activities.

In this document we consult on the procedures and guidance that we intend to adopt in deciding to launch and then undertaking a competition review.

Assessing the impact of the BBC’s public service activities PDF, 134.2 KB

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