Statement: Review of the Premium Rate Services Condition

  • Start: 26 July 2018
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 21 September 2018

Statement published 19 December 2018

We have found that there is harm arising from Information, Connection and Signposting Services (ICSS) provided on ‘084’ numbers (‘084’ ICSS), and that this harm is common across all ICSS. We have, therefore, decided to extend the definition of Controlled Premium Rate Services (Controlled PRS) in the Premium Rate Services Condition (the PRS Condition) to include all ICSS, irrespective of number or price point. The effect of this will be that all ICSS would meet the definition of Controlled PRS in the PRS Condition and all ICSS providers will be subject to regulation by the Phone-paid Services Authority (the PSA).

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Advertising Standards Authority (PDF File, 85.5 KB) Organisation
British Telecoms (PDF File, 628.9 KB) Organisation
Caller Support Limited (PDF File, 281.6 KB) Organisation
Department of Work and Pensions (PDF File, 216.7 KB) Organisation
Fair Telecoms Campaign (PDF File, 875.9 KB) Organisation
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