Speaking TV programme guides -Would they help people with visual impairments, and are they feasible?

  • Start: 10 July 2014
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 08 September 2014

About this document

This document is a ‘call for inputs’ on speaking TV guides. Ofcom is seeking views on whether these guides could help blind or visually impaired people, and if it would be feasible to introduce them across the UK’s most popular TV services.

Around two million people have visual impairments that make it difficult or impossible for them to use on-screen TV programme guides, though watching TV remains important to them. We are seeking views from interested parties, particularly visually impaired viewers and TV service providers.

In particular, we would like to know whether TVs and set top boxes that allow people to hear information in on-screen TV programme guides could make it easier for blind or visually impaired viewers to choose what they want to watch.

Ofcom would also like to hear whether other forms of assistance – such as mobile apps – currently offered by TV providers could be a suitable alternative to speaking EPGs.

We will consider carefully what respondents say, before deciding whether or not changes to our guidance to EPG providers may be appropriate.

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