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Consultation: Spectrum for the Police Service of Northern Ireland – Introducing new digital services

  • Dechrau: 08 Medi 2022
  • Statws: Ar gau
  • Diwedd: 17 Tachwedd 2022

Ofcom is today proposing to make spectrum available for use by the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). The spectrum will enable new technology that will modernise the PSNI's communication systems.

The PSNI manages its own radio communications network which supports approximately 20,000 users, including the police, fire and ambulance services.

The existing PSNI network has a limited data capability and cannot match the bandwidth offered by modern mobile communications technology. Therefore, the PSNI is seeking to transition to new technology to enable fast, safe and secure communications for use in live situations and emergencies.

We are proposing to make 2 × 3 MHz of the 700 MHz band (specifically 733 to 736 MHz paired with 788 to 791 MHz) and 2 x 4 MHz in the 800 / 900 MHz bands (specifically 876 to 880 MHz paired with 921 to 925 MHz) available for use by the PSNI. These bands are currently unused in Northern Ireland, and we consider that alternative uses in these bands are unlikely.

In light of a number of points raised in response to our consultation, we have decided to gather more evidence before we make a decision on our proposals.

In particular, consultation responses highlighted the potential for use by utility services of the proposed spectrum bands.

Ofcom plans to publish a document on spectrum options for utilities in Q1 2023–24 which will look at potential ways to meet the changing needs of the utilities sector. We therefore plan to consider responses to this upcoming publication before we decide what to do with the bands we proposed for future PSNI use.

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