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Business Connectivity Market Review

  • Dechrau: 18 Mehefin 2012
  • Statws: Ar gau
  • Diwedd: 24 Awst 2012

In this document we propose measures to address concerns we have identified about the extent of competition in the provision of leased lines in the UK.

Leased lines provide dedicated symmetric transmission capacity between fixed locations, and their overall value exceeds 2bn per annum in the UK. They play an important role in business communications services and are used to support a wide variety of applications, both in the private and public sectors. They also play a significant role in delivering fixed and mobile broadband services to consumers, because communications providers (CPs) use them extensively in their networks.

Our proposals are designed to promote competition in the provision of leased lines and the services which use them, and will affect the availability, choice, price, quality and value for money of data-transfer services throughout the UK. They are therefore important in furthering the interests of citizens and consumers.

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