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Statement: Community Voice FM's request to change key commitments

  • Dechrau: 24 Tachwedd 2023
  • Statws: Datganiad a gyhoeddwyd
  • Diwedd: 09 Ionawr 2024

Statement published 12 March 2024

Ofcom has decided to reject the Key Commitments change request submitted by Community Voice FM Ltd, which holds a community radio licence for Middlesbrough broadcasting as ‘Community Voice FM’. The Licensee requested the following changes:

  • Change its music requirement for the main types of music broadcast across the week. Additionally, during religious and cultural occasions, the service may change its music output to include "religious/spiritual tracks only." For example: Ramadan and Diwali”.
  • Alter its speech output on the main types of speech broadcast to “National news, local community information, guest interviews and faith-based programming.”
  • Vary its Key Commitment on languages of programming to “programming in alterative community languages during the course of the annual broadcast, with a particular focus on South Asian communities. Programming will alternate during the year to fit in with religious and cultural calendars.”
  • Change its original output from 8 hours per day (56 hours per week equivalent) to 42 hours per week.

Ofcom has decided to reject the changes to Key Commitments requested by the Licensee.

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