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Wholesale Local Access Market Review - Consultation on possible approaches to fibre cost modelling

  • Dechrau: 09 Mai 2016
  • Statws: Ar gau
  • Diwedd: 07 Mehefin 2016

About this document

This document is a consultation in relation to Ofcom’s current Wholesale Local Access (WLA) Market Review, which examines the market for the provision of access connections used to provide telephone and broadband internet services (including superfast broadband) to residential and business consumers.

We intend to consult on our proposals for future regulation of these services later this year. In order to progress the market review and be able to consult fully on all options for future remedies, if a provider is found to have Significant Market Power (SMP), we want to understand better the wholesale costs of providing fibre access services.

This consultation document sets out the general approach we intend to take to cost modelling in order to estimate the costs of fibre based access services. These estimates will be used to inform the WLA Market Review.

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