Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Code of Practice concerning agreements for access to private land

The Code requires Ofcom to provide a Code of Practice (PDF, 335.1 KB) concerning agreements for access to private land under the Code.

The Code of Practice does not represent a guide to the Electronic Communications Code nor does it replace or supplement its provisions by imposing any rights or obligations on the respective parties. Instead it is designed to complement the Code by suggesting best practice to facilitate positive and productive engagement between all parties across a range of issues, roles and responsibilities. Whilst the Code of Practice provides some examples of best practice these are not intended to be exhaustive.

The Code of Practice is accompanied by:

  • standard terms (PDF, 216.5 KB) which may (but need not) be used by Code operators and landowners or occupiers when negotiating agreements to confer Code rights; and
  • template notices which must or may (depending on the circumstances) be used by operators and landowners or occupiers.