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The Communications Market 2020

30 Medi 2020

The CMR is now an interactive data portal, which allows users to interrogate data collected from industry by Ofcom, data from Ofcom’s consumer research, as well as headline figures from selected third parties (including BARB and RAJAR). The interactive portal will be updated throughout the year.

Read the interactive report

Commentary and analysis of much of the data used in the CMR can be found in each of our Media Nations, Online Nation, Connected Nations, and Annual Monitoring Update on the Postal Market reports, where we review and explore specific sectors of the media and communications markets in detail.

We have also published a short summary of our main findings.

Communications Market Report 2020 – summary of key findings (PDF, 190.8 KB)

Data downloads

Summary of UK telecoms metrics (CSV, 17.3 KB)

Number of hours broadcast by public television broadcasters (CSV, 58.4 KB)

Commercial broadcast television revenues and spend (CSV, 428.6 KB)

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