Limited coverage FM restricted service radio trial licensing

18 June 2021

In March 2021, Ofcom announced it is conducting a trial implementation of ‘limited coverage’ FM restricted service radio licences, and invited applications from potential participants.

The trial will test whether the use of limited coverage FM spectrum – at low power and over a short range of up to around 1 km radius – is a viable way of making more spectrum available for the licensing of restricted radio services in the future. We expect it to be particularly suitable for providing radio services to defined establishments such as hospitals or army barracks.

Update 18 June 2021 – details of successful applicants

Ofcom received 23 applications from parties wishing to take part in trials by the closing date of 30 April 2021.

Following consideration of those applications against the eligibility criteria and objectives of the trial set out in the Invitation to Apply (PDF, 278.8 KB), Ofcom has decided to award licences to participate in the trial to applicants proposing to serve the following establishments.

Establishment Proposed Service NameLocation
Harrogate District Hospital Harrogate Hospital Radio Harrogate
Osborne Stable Block Business Park Our Island Radio Isle of Wight
Derriford Hospital Hospital Radio Plymouth Plymouth
East Surrey Hospital Radio Redhill Redhill
Leicester General Hospital LCR2 Leicester
Stoke Mandeville Hospital Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio Aylesbury
George Eliot Hospital Anker Radio Nuneaton
St Margaret’s Hospital Forest Gold Radio Epping
University of York campus University Radio York York
Gilwell Park - Scout Association headquarters Scout Radio Chingford
Bovington military base BFBS Blandford Bovington
Shorncliffe military base BFBS Gurkha Radio Dover

The trial licences will have a 12-month duration, and we expect that the trial services will come on-air on 1 September 2021.