Notified video-sharing platforms

16 November 2023

Video-sharing platforms (VSPs) are a type of online video service which allow users to upload and share videos with the public.

Since 1 November 2020, UK-established VSPs must comply with new rules around protecting users from harmful content. Providers must have in place appropriate measures to protect under-18s from material which might impair their physical, mental or moral development; and to protect the general public from criminal content and material likely to incite violence or hatred. Services will also need to make sure standards around advertising are met.

VSP providers established in the UK are legally obliged to notify to Ofcom. This obligation came into force on 6 April 2021.

The list of VSPs notified to Ofcom as of 16 November 2023 is presented below. We will update this list periodically.

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Service name Service provider nameContact Electronic addressAddress
Kiwi Leisure Ltd Rebecca Sharp Azets Wynyard Park House,
Wynyard Avenue,
Wynyard TS22 5TB
BitChute Bit Chute Limited Legal Department Box 813, Andover House,
George Yard,
Andover SP10 1PB
Onevsp (formerly Brand New Tube)My Media World LtdMohammad Waseem Aslaminfo@brandnewtube.com36-44 Bolton Road
United Kingdom
FansifyBrighter Future International Technology LtdConnor, Third Floor
Suite F3-10/F3-11
Mission Drive Waterfalls
Fanzworld Promo1 Limited 
Fruitlab Fruitlab Media Limited Charley Portet Level 2,
12 Greenhill Rent,
London EC1M 6BN
GatorjaxPublic Forum LimitedMikel Coreclarkpublicforumlimited@outlook.com11 Walnut Road
M30 8LE
United Kingdom
Lemon8Heliophilia Pte. Ltd.Feedback Team contact@Lemon8-app.com1 Raffles Quay
South Tower
MintStarsMintStars LtdDaniel Sargent Medina Square
KT19 7NS
OnlyFans Fenix International Limited Keily Fenix International Limited
4th Floor, Imperial House
8 Kean Street
PocketStars Pocket Stars Ltd Moderation Team Office Suite 10,
Container Storage Units UK Ltd,
Moorhouse Depot,
Westerham TN16 2EU
Recast Recast Sports Ltd 36 Spital Square,
Fourth floor,
London E1 6DY
RevealMe Tapnet Ltd Compliance Department Kra Accountants Limited,
Elsie Whitely Innovation Centre,
Office 1 Hopwood Lane,
Halifax HX1 5ER
Snapchat Snap Group Limited Legal Notices 7-11 Lexington Street,
London W1F 9AF
SoSpoiltAmpay LimitedCompliance & Co, 30 Orange Street, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 7HF
The Sponsor Hub The Sponsor Hub Ltd David Cherrington Walk Mill,
NE19 2SB
Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook Tourism (UK) Company Limited The Broadgate Tower,
Third Floor,
20 Primrose Street,
TikTok TikTok Information Technologies UK Limited Feedback team report/feedback?lang=enKaleidoscope,
4 Lindsey Street,
London EC1A 9HP
Twitch Twitch Interactive, Inc. Olaf Cramme 1 New Oxford Street,
London WC1A 1NU Vimeo Erika Barros 555 West 18th Street,
New York NY 10011
United States Visional Media Limited VSP Compliance Calder & Co,
30 Orange Street,
London WC2H 7HF

For service providers considering whether they need to notify, please refer to our published guidance, designed to help you assess whether your service is a VSP in UK jurisdiction. On the same page, you can also find a link to our notification portal.