Tackling nuisance calls and messages

23 March 2021

There are various different types of nuisance calls and messages, with the main ones being, live telesales calls, spam texts, automated marketing calls, abandoned and silent calls.

Since 2013, the ICO and Ofcom have published joint action plans to tackle the harm to consumers caused by nuisance calls and messages. In May 2020 we set out our key areas of focus in tackling nuisance calls including:

  • Taking targeted action against people or companies that are not following the ICO’s and Ofcom’s rules.
  • Raising awareness of and tackling Coronavirus (Covid-19) scams and continuing to support the work of Stop Scams UK.
  • Working with telecoms companies to improve how they disrupt and prevent nuisance calls, by reviewing solutions made available to customers by their provider.
  • Working with other regulators and enforcement agencies to identifying new opportunities to prevent nuisance calls and scams.
  • Sharing intelligence with others, including international partners and enforcement agencies.

Our March 2021 update reports on the progress made in each of the areas listed over the last 10 months and highlights how our collaborative efforts are making a positive difference to consumers.

Nuisance calls and messages: Update to ICO-Ofcom joint action plan 2021 (PDF, 273.0 KB)

Negeseuon a galwadau niwsans: diweddariad ar y cynllun gweithredu 2021 (PDF, 1.0 MB)

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