Residential and business narrowband and broadband access, and fixed telephony

Find documents relating to our reviews of the various fixed narrowband and broadband markets. This section contains information on the wholesale call termination, wholesale call origination, wholesale fixed analogue exchange lines, wholesale ISDN30 and ISDN2 lines and wholesale local access markets. It also includes information on the local-loop unbundling and wholesale line rental charge controls.

The fixed telecommunications market is made up of a variety of different markets which we have reviewed in different formats over the years. These include the fixed narrowband access markets, the fixed narrowband services markets, the wholesale broadband access market and the wholesale local access market.

The Narrowband Market Reviews (NMR) 2016 covers wholesale call termination, wholesale call origination, wholesale fixed analogue exchange lines and wholesale ISDN30 and ISDN2 lines.

The Wholesale Local Access (WLA) market concerns fixed telecommunications infrastructure – the physical connection between a home or business and the local telephone exchange/street cabinet. This connection is needed to support fixed line services such as voice calls and broadband internet access. Our 2017 review comprises a number of separate consultations covering our provisional assessment of the WLA market and proposals for charge controls, quality of service and physical infrastructure access (PIA) remedies.

The Wholesale Broadband Access (WBA) market review relates to the wholesale broadband products that communications providers provide for themselves and sell to each other. These services are one of the building blocks of the retail broadband offers that consumers buy. The wholesale broadband access market sits between the retail broadband market, which relates to the products that consumers buy, and the wholesale local access market, which relates to the access connection between the consumer and the network.

Notification on proposed direction to specify the fair and reasonable charge that BT may apply for MPF SML1
Start 31 March 2017, End 05 May 2017

Wholesale local access market review
Start: 31 March 2017, End: 9 June 2017

Narrowband Market Review
Start: 01 December 2016, End: 28 February 2017

Wholesale broadband access market review
Start: 22 June 2017, End: 14 September 2017

WLA and WBA Market Reviews - Competition in the Hull area
Start: 22 June 2017, End: 14 September 2017

UPDATE 1 Nov 2016

In correspondence with TalkTalk relating to the letters below, Ofcom has clarified that:

  1. Ofcom has taken no decisions in relation to BT’s pricing of relevant services in the lacuna period;
  2. Ofcom’s will consider the appropriateness of exercising its regulatory powers to set charges during the lacuna period at the same time as consulting on proposals for the forward look period. Ofcom has an open mind in this regard; and
  3. Ofcom will consult with stakeholders on its proposed approach and consider any representations received before taking any decision on the exercise or otherwise of these powers.

UPDATE 24 Aug 2016

We are currently undertaking reviews of the markets for Wholesale Call Origination (WCO) and Wholesale Call Termination (WCT) and the narrowband access markets (i.e. wholesale fixed analogue exchange lines and wholesale ISDN2 and ISDN30), Wholesale Local Access (WLA) and Wholesale Broadband Access (WBA).

The current charge controls on WCO, WCT and the Interconnection Services Basket will expire on 30 September 2016. The current charge controls on WBA Market A - IPStream services, Wholesale Line Rental and related services, ISDN2, ISDN30 and local loop unbundling services will expire on 31 March 2017. Please see at the links below correspondence between Ofcom and BT relating to the period after the expiry of the current controls and before the implementation of any new controls.  Please also see at the link below supplementary guidance on the provision of WCT during this period.

Letter from BT Wholesale to Ofcom - 1 August 2016 PDF, 347.2 KB

Letter from Openreach to Ofcom - 2 August 2016 PDF, 371.1 KB

Letter from Ofcom to BT Wholesale - 4 August 2016 PDF, 151.0 KB

Letter from Ofcom to Openreach - 4 August 2016 PDF, 173.5 KB

Supplementary guidance on WCT over the lacuna period - August 2016 PDF, 154.3 KB

Regulation currently in place

Ongoing Reviews

Review of fixed call origination and termination markets 2016-19: Call for inputs
Call for inputs published 02 Apr 2015

Previous reviews and regulations can be accessed from the National Archives