Ofcom regulates TV, radio and video-on-demand services. Our Broadcasting Code contains rules which TV and radio broadcasters must follow. There are separate rules for video-on-demand services, which include TV catch-up, online film services and libraries of archive content. 

This section includes information for people in the broadcasting and video-on-demand industries, as well as our latest research and Broadcast and on-demand bulletins.

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TV operations

Information about TV operations, including licensee data collection and access services reports.

Radio operations

Information on broadcast radio formats, coverage and regulation.

On-demand programme service (ODPS) providers

Information for On Demand Service Providers (ODPS) which includes TV catch up, online film services and information for those providing a library of archive content.

BBC regulation and Operating Framework

Ofcom has developed an 'Operating Framework' for the BBC, covering regulation of the BBC’s performance, compliance with content standards and impact on competition.

Broadcasting market reviews and consultations

Broadcasting reviews and consultations including public service broadcasting and the TV production sector.

Guidance for TV and radio

Guidance for TV channels and radio stations, technical requirements and other broadcasting matters.