Statement: Quantity and scheduling of television advertising on public service channels

  • Start: 19 April 2023
  • Status: Statement published
  • End: 31 May 2023

Statement published 19 September 2023

Commercially-funded public service broadcasting (PSB) channels in the UK have been subject to stricter rules on the quantity and scheduling of television advertising than other commercial channels since 1991 – these differential rules were introduced by Ofcom’s predecessor, the Independent Television Commission.

There have been significant changes in how television is distributed and watched since then, including the expansion of multichannel television and the introduction of on-demand television and online streaming services.

Following a consultation in April 2023 to seek input on our provisional view that the stricter advertising restrictions on PSB channels are no longer justified or proportionate, we have decided not to remove the stricter advertising rules that apply only to PSB channels at this time.

This statement outlines the reasoning behind our decision and sets out our intention to review this position as part of our consideration of other changes to the PSB system over the coming few years.

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Barwise, P (PDF File, 158.9 KB) Individual
Britton, R (PDF File, 164.1 KB) Individual
Channel 4 (PDF File, 450.0 KB) Organisation
Channel 4 [Response to call for evidence] (PDF File, 452.5 KB) Organisation
COBA (PDF File, 1.2 MB) Organisation
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