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Call for input: Improving mobile connectivity from the sky and space

Cyhoeddwyd: 23 Gorffennaf 2024

In this call for input we are seeking stakeholder views on the potential supply of, and demand for, direct to device services (D2D) and MSS in the UK, and the associated spectrum needs. We also set out our initial thinking on the implications for how we manage spectrum that these services might use.

Consultation: Starlink Internet Services Limited (SpaceX) - application for a variation of gateway licence

Cyhoeddwyd: 26 Ebrill 2024

Ofcom's initial assessment of SpaceX's request to vary four of its NGSO gateway licences to increase the number of antennas, and our proposal to grant the variation on the basis of this assessment

Call for input: Expanding spectrum access for satellite gateways

Cyhoeddwyd: 22 Mawrth 2024

Call for input on making additional spectrum available for satellite gateway use in Q/V and E bands.

Consultation: Kepler Communications Inc – application for NGSO earth station network licence

Cyhoeddwyd: 22 Mawrth 2024

This consultation sets out Ofcom’s proposal to grant a NGSO network licence to Kepler for their constellation. We invite comments on our proposal by 29 April 2024

Gwneud cais am drwydded gorsaf ddaear lloeren nad yw’n ddaearsefydlog (FSS)

Cyhoeddwyd: 1 Mawrth 2024

Consultation: NSLComm Ltd application for non-geostationary earth station network licence

Cyhoeddwyd: 29 Ionawr 2024

Ofcom has received an application from NSLComm Ltd for a non-geostationary satellite earth station network licence.

Satellite filings

Cyhoeddwyd: 17 Ionawr 2024

Diweddarwyd diwethaf: 17 Ionawr 2024

Guidance and procedures for the management of satellite filings.

Statement: Rivada Space Networks GmbH - application for non-geostationary earth station network licence

Cyhoeddwyd: 19 Hydref 2023

This document sets out Ofcom’s decision to grant a non-geostationary Earth Station Network licence to Rivada Space Networks GmbH.

Consultation: Expanding spectrum access for satellite gateways in the 28 GHz band

Cyhoeddwyd: 18 Awst 2023

This consultation sets out proposals for making the unassigned spectrum and the four “guard bands” in the 28 GHz spectrum available for Non-geostationary satellite (NGSO) Earth station gateways and Geostationary satellite (GSO) gateways (Permanent Earth stations - PES).

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Cyhoeddwyd: 14 Awst 2023

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