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Statement: Mangata Edge Ltd – application for non-geostationary earth station network licence

  • Dechrau: 20 Medi 2022
  • Statws: Datganiad a gyhoeddwyd
  • Diwedd: 18 Hydref 2022

Non-geostationary orbiting (NGSO) satellite systems are a new way of delivering broadband services from space using a constellation of satellites in a low or medium orbit. These satellite services have the potential to deliver higher speeds and lower latency services.

As set out in our statement on non-geostationary satellite systems, we have a new process for considering applications for the following types of spectrum licence:

  • Satellite (Earth Station Network): this authorises an unlimited number of user terminals to connect to the NGSO system (subject to certain conditions). It also places certain conditions on the licence holder (typically a satellite operator) to coordinate with other licence-holders.
  • Satellite (Non-Geostationary Earth Station): this authorises gateway earth stations, which connect the NGSO system to the internet or to a private network.

This document sets out Ofcom’s decision to grant a non-geostationary Earth Station Network licence to Mangata Edge Ltd.

This decision will enable Mangata to provide satellite connectivity services to people and businesses in the UK.

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