Mobile coverage obligation

09 March 2018

In December 2014, the UK’s four Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) signed an agreement with Government committing to provide a voice service to 90% of the UK landmass by 31 December 2017. In January 2015, we set out our approach to compliance with this obligation (PDF, 241.2 KB). Under the terms of the agreement, the MNOs were required to self-certify, by 31 December 2017, that they had reached the 90% coverage requirement. All MNOs did this, and we have now completed our assessment of the information provided in support of these certifications of compliance and carried out additional tests to understand the basis on which the MNOs certified their compliance. On this basis, we can confirm that all four MNOs have complied with their geographic voice coverage licence obligation.

Separately, Telef√≥nica UK Ltd (O2) was required under the terms of its 4G/800MHz licence, issued in 2013, to provide a minimum level of indoor data coverage to 98% of all UK premises by 31 December 2017, with a minimum of 95% in any of the four nations of the UK. We have now completed our assessment of O2’s compliance with this obligation in accordance with the methodology set out in our 4G Coverage Obligation: Notice of Compliance Verification Methodology statement (PDF, 1.0 MB) as amended in 2017. On this basis, we can confirm that O2 has also complied with its indoor data coverage obligation.

We have now written to all four UK MNOs confirming their compliance with these obligations. See copies of the letters we have sent:

In addition to Ofcom’s continuing research and work on improving coverage, we also publish information and interactive coverage maps to help keep consumers informed of the latest position.