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The national commercial digital multiplex licence was awarded to the sole applicant, Digital One, in October 1998. It commenced broadcasting in November 1999. Some of the capacity on the multiplex may be used for data services. The ten* programme services provided on the national multiplex are as follows: Classic FM (classical), Virgin Radio (rock), talkSPORT (speech), Classic Gold Rock (classic rock), Core (teen and chart hits), Life (adult contemporary), Oneword (plays, books, comedy and reviews), Primetime Radio (music and features for older listeners), *PLUS money channel (provider to be appointed), rolling news channel (provider to be appointed).

Digital Radio Coverage Map (DAB Primary Protected Areas)


The advertisement of local digital multiplex licences got under way in November 1998 following the award of the national multiplex licence (see above). The licences awarded so far are as follows:

Area Licensee Date awarded
CE Digital May 1999
Manchester CE Digital June 1999
Greater London I CE Digital September 1999
Glasgow SCORE Digital September 1999
South Yorkshire Emap Digital September 1999
Tyne & Wear Emap Digital October 1999
Cardiff/Newport Capital Radio Digital November 1999
Wolverhampton Now Digital December 1999
Liverpool Emap Digital February 2000
Edinburgh SCORE Digital March 2000
Greater London II
Switch Digital April 2000
Leeds Emap Digital April 2000
Emap Digital May 2000
Bristol/Bath Now Digital June 2000
Coventry Now Digital July 2000
Central Lancashire Emap Digital September 2000
Northern Ireland SCORE Digital October 2000
Central Scotland Switch Digital October 2000
Emap Digital December 2000
North-East England MXR Ltd. December 2000
South Wales/Severn Estuary MXR Ltd January 2001
West Midlands MXR Ltd February 2001
North-West England MXR Ltd. March 2001
Aberdeen Switch Digital April 2001
Southend & Chelmsford Now Digital May 2001
Greater London III The Digital Radio Group (London) Ltd. June 2001
Bournemouth Now Digital July 2001
Ayr SCORE Digital July 2001
Dundee & Perth SCORE Digital September 2001
Exeter & Torbay Now Digital October 2001
Bradford & Huddersfield TWG Digital October 2001
Peterborough Now Digital November 2001
Inverness SCORE Digital December 2001
Leicester Now Digital February 2002
Swindon/West Wiltshire Now Digital March 2002
South Hampshire Capital Radio Digital May 2002
Norwich Now Digital  September 2002
 Yorkshire MXR Ltd. November 2002
Swansea TWG Emap Digital December 2002
Sussex Coast Capital Radio Digital  January 2003
Stoke-on-Trent TWG Emap Digital February 2003
Kent  Capital Radio Digital April 2003
Nottingham Now Digital May 2003
Reading & Basingstoke Now Digital June 2003
Cambridge Now Digital October 2003
Plymouth/Cornwall Southwest Digital Radio Ltd November 2003

Pattern of Development

The Authority has concentrated, in the early years of digital radio development, on the main population centres within the UK. Reflecting the consensus of responses to its consultative exercise, the Authority aimed, during this period, to facilitate the establishment of up to two local/regional multiplexes (in addition to BBC and commercial national multiplexes) in each of these areas but, apart from in Greater London, not to go beyond this density of provision for the foreseeable future.

Digital Radio Fact Sheet gives background information about digital radio.




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