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Ofcom's approach to online media literacy

  • Research

06 December 2021

How our Making Sense of Media programme will promote online media literacy.

Our media literacy research

  • Research

Statistical release calendar 2021: pre-release access lists

  • Data

In accordance with the conditions for pre-release access to Official Statistics set out in the DCMS statement of compliance, named officials can receive privileged early access to Official Statistics.

Ofcom's fourth annual report on the BBC: interactive performance report

  • Research

26 November 2021

Open data

  • Data

25 November 2021

Ofcom’s open data is a mix of data from or about the companies we regulate in the communications sector, and the citizens and consumers who use them.

Ofcom’s annual report on the BBC

  • Regulation
  • Research

25 November 2021

This is Ofcom’s fourth annual report on the BBC, covering April 2020 to March 2021. This year, the report also looks back to assess how the BBC has performed since the beginning of the Charter period in 2017.

Mobile signal strength measurement data from our spectrum assurance vehicles

  • Data

23 November 2021

We have been compiling the 4G- and 5G-specific signal strength measurement data that our spectrum assurance vehicles capture along roads in England, Scotland and Wales.

Statistical release calendar 2021

  • Data

Ofcom's statistical release calendar lists the Official Statistics we are scheduled to publish in 2021.

Telecoms and pay-TV complaints data

  • Research

These documents are intended to help consumers make better informed decisions, especially those who are thinking about changing provider or purchasing a new service. We also believe that publication of provider-specific complaint volumes incentivises providers to improve their performance.

Telecoms and pay-TV complaints interactive data Q2 2021

  • Data

16 November 2021

This interactive data is a supplement to our Q2 (July to September) 2020 report on telecoms and pay-TV complaints.

Download numbering data

  • Data

10 November 2021

We publish data on which UK telephone numbers are available for allocation or are allocated, and lists of codes for use in number porting and other administrative tasks.

ADR schemes' performance

  • Data

09 November 2021

Every quarter we publish key performance results for the two main ADR schemes, CISAS and Ombudsman Services.

Combatting Covid-19 misinformation

  • Consumer advice
  • Research

A set of resources to help cut through the confusion and provide people with the tools to navigate news and information about the coronavirus (Covid-19).

TV broadcasting: data and research

  • Research

To provide us with the evidence we need to carry out our duties, we carry out and publish market and consumer research, and collect data.

Monitoring compliance with the net neutrality rules

  • Research

01 November 2021

A report on our approach to monitoring and ensuring compliance with the Open Internet Regulation from May 2020 to October 2021.

Telecoms data updates

  • Data
  • Research

Quarterly updates tracking key trends emerging from the data we collect on the UK telecommunications sector including fixed voice services, mobile services and fixed broadband.

Audience attitudes to broadcast media

  • Research

21 October 2021

This report explores UK adults’ access to and use of connected devices, their attitudes and opinions towards television and radio broadcasting, and related areas such as advertising and regulation. It summarises the findings set out in the accompanying chart pack analysis of the research results.

Broadband speeds research

  • Research

Research on fixed line home broadband speeds, mobile broadband performance, and related research.

Usability and accessibility research

  • Research

This section covers research into usability of devices and services, and accessibility, particularly in relation to older people and those with disabilities.

Television and on-demand programme services: Access services report Jan to June 2021

  • Research

20 October 2021

This report sets out the extent to which broadcast television channels carried subtitles, audio description and signing (collectively, “access services”) in January to June 2021.