Revocation of Licence - Ausaf UK Ltd

06 September 2018

Ausaf UK Limited (“the Licensee”) holds a licence (TLCS101719 – the “Licence”) to provide the Ausaf TV service under the Broadcasting Act 1990 (the “1990 Act”).

The Licensee applied for the Licence on 12 November 2016 and was granted the licence on 24 January 2017. To date, the Licensee has not yet commenced broadcasting.

On 22 June 2018, Ofcom notified the Licensee that, subject to consideration of any representations from the Licensee, it was minded to revoke the Licence on the basis that it was no longer satisfied that the Licensee remained a fit and proper person to hold a broadcasting licence (the “June 2018 Notification”).

Having considered all the relevant evidence and the Licensee’s oral representations to Ofcom on the matters set out in Ofcom’s June 2018 Notification, Ofcom hereby gives notice to the Licensee pursuant to section 3(3)(b) of the 1990 Act and Condition 29(3)(c) of the Licence that it has decided, for the reasons set out in this Notice, that:

  1. it is no longer satisfied that those in control of the Licensee are fit and proper to hold a broadcast licence; and
  2. therefore, the Licence is revoked with immediate effect.

Notice of revocation of Licence number TLCS101719 held by Ausaf UK Limited (PDF, 223.4 KB)