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Broadcast and On Demand Bulletins

12 April 2019

The Broadcast and On Demand Bulletin reports on the outcome of investigations into potential breaches of Ofcom’s codes and rules for TV, radio and video-on-demand programmes, as well as the licence conditions with which broadcasters regulated by Ofcom are required to comply.

It is Ofcom’s policy to describe fully the content in television, radio and video-on-demand programmes. Some of the language and descriptions used in the Broadcast and On Demand Bulletins may therefore cause offence.

On 23 May 2019 there is the possibility that there will be European Parliamentary elections in the UK. Should those elections take place, Ofcom reminds all broadcasters of the rules for election-related programming. In particular, broadcasters should ensure that they comply with sections five (Due impartiality) and six (Elections and referendums) of the Code, as well as the prohibition on political advertising contained in section 321 of the Communications Act 2003 and reflected in Section 7 of the BCAP Code.

European elections: a note to broadcasters (PDF, 86.9 KB)

Current issue

Broadcast and On Demand Bulletin Issue number 376 08/04/19 (PDF, 519.9 KB)

Broadcasting standards cases: LAPD African Cops (ROK), Extremely British Muslims (Together), Studio 66 TV (Studio 66). Advertising placement: Channels24, various dates and times. Broadcast Licence Conditions cases: retention and production of recordings - The Funky Academy Limited 17; provision of information: diversity in broadcasting - various licensees.

Previous issues of the Broadcast and On Demand Bulletin

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