Enforcement programme into early termination charges

15 January 2019


Programme into Communications Providers (‘CPs’) offering fixed line telephony, broadband, mobile, and/or pay TV services to consumers
Case opened 28 June 2017

This enforcement programme is looking at the charges imposed by CPs when consumers on fixed term contracts terminate those contracts early (early termination charges or ‘ETCs’). Under the programme, Ofcom is collecting information and reviewing consumer complaints to assess whether there are any issues with the transparency and fairness of ETCs, and whether any further action, including enforcement action, is required.

Relevant legal provision(s)

General Condition C1.2, C1.3 (previously 9.2 and 9.3) and the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (‘the CRA’)

Case leader

Rachel Bennett (email: rachel.bennett@ofcom.org.uk)

Case reference CW/01199/06/17