Investigation into Onestream’s compliance with mis-selling and slamming rules

22 January 2019


Investigation into Onestream Limited (Onestream)
Case opened 22 January 2019

This investigation is examining whether Onestream has complied with its obligations under General Condition (‘GC’) C7.3(a) and (b) by ensuring that it does not engage in mis-selling and slamming. Specifically, this investigation is examining whether Onestream engaged in mis-selling and slamming by:

  • placing transfer orders, including repeat transfer orders, for switching customers’ communication services without their express knowledge and/or consent; and/or
  • providing inaccurate and/or misleading information to switching customers about Onestream’s identity that has the potential to mislead switching customers into believing they are making an agreement with their current provider or are agreeing to switch to a different provider than Onestream.
Relevant legal provision(s)

GC C7.3(a) and (b) (and General Condition 22 under the general conditions in force prior to 1 October 2018)

Case leader

Rapinder Newton (email:

Case reference CW/01234/11/18