The Future of Free to View TV - A discussion document

28 May 2014

About this document

This document sets out Ofcom’s views on the development of free to view television in the UK. Free to view TV platforms are those TV services such as Freeview and Freesat that can be accessed without the need for any on-going subscription charges.

This document considers how current free to view TV platforms might need to develop in the future in order to remain competitive and relevant to viewers, as television platforms increasingly deliver both connected services such as catch-up TV and higher quality pictures such as HD services.

The document also considers the potential long-term options for delivering free to view television, including over broadband networks.

This document will be of interest to the TV industry, mobile network operators, policy makers, consumer groups and other organisations with an interest in the development of free to view TV in the UK. It may also be of interest to organisations involved in the current and future delivery of TV over broadband networks.

This document is not a precursor to any specific regulatory decisions. Instead it provides context to our decision making process around a potential change in use of the 700MHz band of spectrum and also to our engagement in international debates around the future of 470 - 694 MHz spectrum. This document also contributes to the wider public debate around the future of free to view television in the UK.

This document should be read in conjunction with two related Ofcom documents published today:

The full document is available below