Radio station Formats or Key Commitments

A Format document sets out the type of output that each commercial radio station is required to broadcast. You can check each commercial radio station's format here.

Similarly, a Key Commitments document sets out what each community radio station is required to deliver. You can check each community radio station's Key Commitments here.

The radio station is:

a commercial radio station

Please email

a community radio station

Please email

a temporary radio station (also known as a Restricted Service Licence or RSL)

Please email

a BBC radio station

You should complain to the BBC.

an internet radio station

Ofcom does not regulate radio stations that only broadcast on the internet. If you have a complaint about the output of an internet only station, you should contact the radio service provider.

If you would like to complain about a radio station not keeping to its agreed Format or Key Commitments, but you are not sure what kind of licence the radio station holds, please email