Advertising on ODPS

01 September 2020

In 2010 Ofcom designated the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to regulate advertising included in on-demand programme services (ODPS).

Ofcom has now designated the ASA for a further period as the appropriate regulatory authority to carry out certain duties in relation to advertising on ODPS, including:

  • deciding what constitutes advertising on ODPS;
  • publishing Rules and Guidance on advertising on ODPS; and
  • determining whether an ODPS has contravened such Rules;

Ofcom’s current Designation of the ASA, incorporating the amendments to which its Annex (the ASA’s undertakings and consent) refers, can be found below:

Renewal of the designation for the regulation of advertising in on-demand programme services (PDF, 175.7 KB)

Designation pursuant to section 368B of the Communications Act 2003 of the Advertising Standards Authority in relation to the regulation of advertising included in on-demand programme services (PDF, 308.9 KB)